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Other causes include injuries to the penis and vascular problems (sclerosis). If blood flow through the arteries is impaired, an erection may not occur for a long time, or it may occur in an insufficient volume. With a violation of the venous block, an erection occurs quickly, but just as quickly passes, often preventing the completion of write essay intercourse. This happens due to inflammation of the inner lining of blood vessels, characteristic of heavy smokers or people with autoimmune diseases. It should also highlight penile angiospasm - a violation of blood circulation in the vessels of the penis.

A rare cause of erectile dysfunction can be a certain anatomical change in the penis (Peyronie's disease, misalignment of the urethral opening). Penis injuries occupy a special position among the causes of impotence. They can be the result of an accident, injury, injury (knife, gunshot), burn. Whatever the source of damage, you cannot do without the help of a doctor.




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The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are prolonged stress, neurosis, depression, problems with a partner, or a mismatch in write essay preferences and habits. Even ordinary fatigue can negatively affect male potency. Erections are also often influenced by fear of failing in bed or having intercourse with a new partner.

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The neurological causes of erectile dysfunction include a number of diseases of the peripheral nerves or the brain and spinal cord. These can be both brain and spinal cord injuries, and autoimmune diseases, circulatory disorders in the brain, epilepsy, sclerosis, perineal and pelvic injuries.

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Endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction are a violation of the production of the male sex hormone - testosterone. This often occurs with genetic abnormalities, trauma, infections, and tumors. Potency and erection in such diseases are usually resumed after treatment with hormonal drugs (tablets, gels). Medicinal causes of erectile dysfunction consist in taking certain drugs that reduce the production of male sex hormones. These can be drugs that inhibit the activity of the cerebral cortex, and any drugs, including alcohol.


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It is very important, having noticed changes in the state of erection, not to attribute this to all sorts of external reasons (stress, fatigue, quarrels with a partner), because difficulties in the write essay sphere should not become the norm. To solve the problem, you should definitely contact a specialist.

Organic problems usually start gradually, and it becomes more difficult to maintain a normal erection each time. This indicates the presence of some kind of background disease that requires treatment. Also, organic problems can arise from taking medications that affect potency.

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The man retains libido and ejaculation, but no nighttime erections are present, and write essay, the penis can suddenly lose rigidity.

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At the same time, the morning erection and the ability of the penis to be in a tense state write essay are preserved.

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